Team 8A

Michael Myers

Michael is always in a positive mood and participates very well in classes. His engagement and eagerness greatly add to the classroom environment. Michael demonstrates what it means to be a student athlete and we are proud he is a WMS student.

American History: (updated 02/22/19)

We are starting a new topic this week on The Progressive Era. With the rapid changes brought on by Industrial Revolution America began to confront many problems facing our country. This week students will be reading about six reformers who tackled different problems and advocated for solutions to these problems. Our reformers students will be reading about: Teddy Roosevelt, Mother Jones, W.E.B. DuBois, John Muir, Alice Paul, and Upton Sinclair. We will finish up the week doing a Close Read of Upton Sinclair's book The Jungle to see how it impacted government regulations in the food industry.

All missing/late work for our Industrial Revolution must be turned in by Friday March 1st, 2019.

Information can always be found on my class at Blackboard or on my Weekly Calendar. For FAQ's please check out my Parent Portal Page.

Science: (updated 2.22.19)

Students will be beginning research for our next project about understanding the story of the fossil record. Information about and resources for this project can be found on Google Classroom. Students will choose a storyline - extinction, evolution, or increasing complexity to craft a story describing a portion of the history of life on Earth. The eventual goal of this project is to write a children's-style story that explains this history in a fun and understandable way.

Math 8: (updated 2/22/19)

No summatives this week. We are beginning our unit over rate of change and proportional relationships. Homework each night and a small formative at the end of the week. Volume retakes (if needed) need to be completed by Friday March 1.

Honors Algebra 8: (updated 2/22/19)

No summatives this week. We will continue with our unit on polynomials (Chapter 8). Small formative check at the end of the week.

English: (updated 2/15/19)

Students will begin work on a research project based upon The Call of the Wild or War Brothers (for those who did the Accelerated path). This week, students are focused upon choosing a research topic, crafting research questions, and beginning to find research articles using the school's databases.

  • Students should continue work on their independent novels for class. Information about the one-pager project that students will complete can be found here and on Google Classroom.
  • These projects are due on March 14th to present in class. Students will have some work time in class, but should plan to work on these mostly on their own time and during DEAR time on Wednesdays in SPARK.