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Each week, a new student is chosen from our Charger 7C team. The student displays the characteristics of integrity, responsibility, hard work, and fairness.

This week's Charger of the Week is BRYNN!

Semester 1 Chargers of the Week: Joe M., Tanatswa

Welcome to our 7C Charger website. We update every week or two to give you an idea of what is happening in the 7C classrooms. Teachers have included information on the site they use to in classrooms to share information with students or for student work.

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Mrs. Case - Language Arts

See Google Classroom for more specific information on LA assignments.

I am looking forward meeting parents and guardians at conferences this week!

We are finishing our unit 1 (it was a long one) with our final

Mrs. Case (case.cynthia@westside66.net)

Ms. Glinski - Language Arts

See Google Sites for more specific information on LA assignments.

Students are continuing to read The Giver in class. They are beginning to annotate texts using skills they are already familiar with, such as making predictions and connections. Students will continue to work on fiction skills until the end of the quarter.

Mrs. Tomlinson - Math

Access the calendars in Google Classroom or in the PowerSchool course description for homework information.

Math 7 Honors: Link to Pre-Algebra Calendar

Math 7: Link to Math7 calendar

Math 7 is solving equations. We have been working on 1-step equations using inverse operations and reciprocals. Showing work is critical when solving equations because we will soon be solving more challenging equations (2-step, distributive property, combining like terms, variables on both sides, etc.).

Math 7 Honors is solving equations. They need to be careful how they show their work and pay attention to details. Checking their solution helps prevent the common sign errors. This class requires students to maintain a "B" average or higher to continue on the Honors track.

Mrs. Johnson & Mrs. Mann - Social Studies

Students have been busy learning about the physical features of Rome and gaining an understanding of how the Roman Government was created. There will be a unit test on Wednesday. Students should use their class notes, study guide and quizlet to study for this test. Here is a link to quizlet: https://quizlet.com/164988920/ch-10-rome-flash-cards/

Mrs. Martin - Science

We are learning about how and why atoms are able to make simple molecules.

See Blackboard for more information on weekly science assignments and classroom resources.

Mrs. Levin - Assisted Learning


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