2021 Sale of Westside Technology DEVICES

The Second Life Mac sale of 11" MacBook Air laptops and 5th generation iPads was held last week (September 15th-17th, 2021) and has concluded.

We have no more devices for sale in Omaha. HOWEVER...

Second Life Mac IS now offering an opportunity to purchase online "until October 15th" (working to find out exactly what that means).

  1. Website: https://store.secondlifemac.com

  2. Password: backtoschool

  3. The one year warranty on devices is still being offered (but you need to register for it immediately after purchasing and receiving any device).

  4. The prices for the devices ARE higher than they were at the local sale because the price now includes shipping costs.

  5. Support questions should still be directed to Second Life Mac at customerservice@secondlifemac.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchase devices and don't intend to use them immediately (e.g. saving them for holiday presents at a later date), please charge them up and turn them on periodically. Any device that sits unused for an extended period of time can have its battery run down and be difficult to start up later.

The information below is left in place for archival purposes....the sale referenced in the content below was conducted last week and has concluded.


Please do NOT Contact District personnel with questions about this sale. They will Simply refer you back to this page.

The Time is finally here for the tech sale!

  1. Second Life Mac will be conducting a sale of devices that were previously owned and used by Westside Community Schools.

2. See the table below for device details...

3. When?

Wednesday, September 15th from 3:00PM to 8:00PM (5 hours in the afternoon and evening).

Thursday, September 16th from 8:00AM to 8:00PM (12 hours in the morning, afternoon, and evening).

Friday, September 17th from 8:00AM to 2:00PM (7 hours in the morning and afternoon).

4. Where?

Upper level of 3534 S. 108th Street, Omaha, NE 68144

[ West of the intersection of 108th street and Grover street ]

5. Upon arrival, please:

  • Sanitize your hands

  • Maintain social distancing

  • Wear a mask

[ August 28, 2021 | District Updates Safe Return To School Plan For 2021/22 ]


LATEST UPDATE (August 23rd, 2021): Thank you for your patience. We are currently waiting on the 3rd party to complete the processing of our devices. They are now saying they will be ready for the sale during the first full week of September. Specific dates yet to be determined.This is still the place for all the latest info.
UPDATE (July 27th, 2021): Thank you for your patience. The devices have been picked up and are now in the process of being sorted, cleaned, and having the hard drives zeroed and reinstalled with a base operating system.Our current target is to have the sale the week of August 23rd. Specific dates yet to be determined.This is still the place for all the latest info.

SUMMARY: Westside is refreshing student learning devices and thousands of previously-used devices will be made available for sale to anyone.
DEVICES FOR SALE: 9.7” 5th Gen iPads (32GB storage) and 11” 2013-2015 MacBook Air laptops ( 4GB RAM/128GB Storage)
WHO: Anyone can purchase these devices for personal use that is outside Westside district facilities and outside the Westside district network.
WHERE: To be determined
WHEN: We are currently projecting this sale will take place the week of August 23rd.
PRICING: Pricing is still to be determined
ACCEPTED METHODS OF PAYMENT: Debit or credit cards
PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, students and staff will not be able to purchase their own individual devices. In part, this is due to our need for devices to be used in our expanded summer school programs. Purchases will need to be made from the large inventory of reset, updated, and cleaned devices that will be offered for sale.

PAGE UPDATEs The information on this page was originally posted on April 20th, 2021 at 12:48 PM CDT. A log of any changes/updates/corrections/additions made to this page will maintained here. 4/22/2021 Updated "Who" item in Details section by adding: ".. for personal use outside outside Westside district facilities and outside the Westside district network."