Roosevelt Middle School Newsletter

Recap on February events:

During the month of February Roosevelt Middle School celebrated Black History Month and embraced the contributions and sacrifices of many. The 7th grade students watched Hidden Figures while the 8th graders watched Selma. All students had the opportunity to participate in the Black History Contest: Who am I.

March Events:

March 5th: start of the peer tutoring club

March 8th: Mid-Marking period

March 10: daylight saving

March 13: 90-minute delayed opening

March 17: St Patrick's day

March 18-19-21: FSL presentations

March 22 through 29: scholastic bookfair

March 28: invention convention

Counseling news

We are encouraging your children to participate in a new group called "Riders on a Journey." This group is a joined effort along with students from Seton Hall Preparatory School and Mount Saint Dominic Academy. The purpose of this group is to connect students who have experienced the loss of a loved one (i.e.: death, deportation, divorce, etc...) with other students who may have gone through similar experience. We hope to create a network of support and empathy among one another.

On March 18, 19 and 21, we have invited Family Service League (FSL) to come and present to our 8th graders. FSL is an organization that provides services throughout Essex County. Through their efforts, they provide free presentations to youth about issues surrounding sexual violence. The presentation we will be conducting with your child is on “Promoting Healthy Relationships.” The 55-minute interactive presentation will cover the importance of healthy relationship behaviors and address how healthy relationships are protective factors for the prevention of sexual violence. Additionally, types of abuse, sexting and boundaries will be discussed.

School Counseling Week

During the week of February 4th, School Counselors were celebrated in the building. Here is what some students created.

Yoga beats stress

Betsy Stephens (yoga instructor) and Dr. Karen Mengden draw from the best of psychology to create a class that gives kids in middle school the tools needed to cope with stress and anxiety. For more information, click on the link: Yoga beats stress

Moore Love

The Moore Love initiative went very well this year, thanks to all of our students. This photo only represents some of the participants who spread the love and generosity in the community.

Isaiah went to McDonalds and gave his meal to a homeless person. He also gave this person clothes he did not use anymore.

Madison went to Dunkin Donuts drive through and gave what she bought to the person behind her.

Danna's family was working on the house, fixing the roof. She decided to prepare breakfast for them, as a thank you for their effort.

Peer tutoring club

The peer tutoring club will start again the first week of March and will meet every Thursday, from 3:00 to 3:45 in the library until the end of the year. Come get some help!!! Contact Mrs. Santimauro or Mrs. Peyragrosse for more information.

Exciting news

Elena Hause entered and earned an Honorable Mention in the Science Fiction short story category in this year's competition for Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.



Exciting summer day camp at Fairleigh Dickinson

Whether you are interested in the Camp discovery day camp or the STEM camp. Click on the links to get more information and register!!!

Naviance corner Challenge of the month

Parents and students, this month, we will ask you to get connected and explore one career within the education and training cluster. You are also welcome to watch a video on Road trip nation related to education.

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Tip of the month

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