Everyday Information

Welcome to Weston School

We look forward to a positive working partnership with you and your family over the coming years.

There is a lot to learn when you are a new parent or student at Weston School so here are a few things you may need to be aware of. We do our best to communicate to you via our website, fortnightly on line newsletter, Facebook and classroom notices however always feel free to come and ask questions at our school office if you are unsure.

School Hours

Our school hours are:

8.30 am Office & classrooms are open

9.00 am School begins

10.40 - 11.00 am Interval

12.30 - 1.30 pm Lunchtime

3.00 pm School finishes

3.15 pm Children are not supervised from this time

School Crossing

Our school crossing operates after school from 3-3.15pm. We ask that parents and students use our school crossing for safety reasons. Crossing between school buses over to the hall car park is not permitted. An area of danger is the intersection of Charles and Percy Street, we ask that parents do not cross their children there as it is unsafe. If possible, please park in the hall carpark and if your children are Year 3 and below, please meet them at the gate, school crossing or classroom so that your child is supervised across the road and walking alone in the carpark. Unfortunately we have had some near misses in the past so we are vigilant about the safety of our students in this area. Year 4 students and up may cross independently to meet their parents or walk home. You are welcome to inform the office if an older sibling is responsible for walking a younger child home after school.

When dropping off or picking up your children, please do not stop or park on the yellow lines or in the bus stop (The sign post advises when you can park here during the day).

School Gates

Our school gates are closed during school time i.e. 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

After school we ask that students leave via the main school gates rather than the smaller gate near the bike shed. (However this gate can be used by our special needs students). This helps us to ensure children do not cross at the Percy Street intersection and encourages a smooth flow of foot traffic after school.

Sign in/Sign out procedures

  • Other than before school drop off and after school pick up all visitors to school (including parents) must sign in at the office and wear the visitors sticker that is produced.
  • Students arriving late for school must sign in on their arrival. Students leaving school during the day must sign out and take the sticker that is produced to show they have followed correct protocol.


Please contact the school each day your children is absent by phoning the school office phone 03 4345445, emailing office@weston.school.nz or texting 027 7882700. Please state the reason for your child's absence (and if the child is ill what type of illness it is) as the school is required by the Ministry of Education to accurately code any absence and keep track of illnesses. If your child has vomiting or diarrhea they cannot return to school until 48 hours after the last episode to ensure the spread of illness is minimised.


If your child requires medication at school, please sign it in at our school office with instructions. Children should not need to have medication in their bags although asthma inhalers are fine if children are able to self manage.


These are brought to school by the children and kept in their bags. We encourage healthy eating. The year 7 & 8 children have the privilege of a class microwave to heat their lunches. We also have lunch ordering;

Monday-Friday Weston Four Square Lunches Menu link

Wednesday Subway Menu link

Thursday Midori Sushi Menu link

Friday Sausage Sizzle is available for $2 -this is a Home and School fundraiser and is run during certain periods of the year.

We do not allow fizzy drink or lollies to be brought to school.

House Colours

Each child joins a ‘House’ when they start at Weston School. On sports days, such as cross country, children dress in their House colours eg a coloured tee shirt, and support their housemates in events by chanting and cheering. This is a fun time for the children and they enjoy the friendly competition between houses. We have Red House, Yellow House, Blue House and Green House. Please check with your class teacher or at the office if your child is unsure of what House they are in.

Wheels Day

Children are welcome to bring their scooters to school on a Wednesday to play on during breaks. Wheelie shoes and roller blades may also be used on Wheels Day. Please remember to send along a helmet too.

Stationery Lists

These are given to children in their reports letters at the end of the year. Sets are available for purchase at Bracken's Office Products & Paper Plus, or you can take the class list to any other stationery shop and make up to your own needs. If your child needs additional stationery throughout the year, a note will be sent home with the details. Most items are available at the office.