Our Wildly Important Goal

Wildly Important Goal

WIG 2019 : Skillful thinkers Care

What is our WIG all about:

The WIG means a Wildly Important Goal and is the basis of Weston School curriculum. Staff decide on Key Understandings that direct all learning for the year.

The WIG has now been established as a part of our school’s culture for the last six years. It is always based around Skillful thinkers to encourage our students to acquire the skills to cope with the amount of information available in the 21 century.

This year it is Skillful thinkers care and is linked to our concern with not only critical and creative intelligences, but also caring intelligences. Our school is an enviroschool and this is reflected in our Key Understandings.

Key Understandings

Skillful thinkers Care

· We care about each other

· We care about our learning

· We care about the environment

· We care about the future

The Wig has been infused into our curriculum work and our culture. All teachers know and teach the WIG through deliberate acts of teaching and apply these to other areas of the curriculum. Our students learn what it means to be a skillful thinker.