Our Wildly Important Goal

Wildly Important Goal

WIG 2018 : Skillful thinkers look ahead

What is our WIG all about:

The WIG means a Wildly Important Goal and is often used in business to drive a company forward. It is something we all need to understand. The WIG has now been established as a part of our school’s culture for the last four years. It is always based around Skillful thinkers to encourage thinking which is an important key competency. This year it is Skillful thinkers look ahead and is linked to our future focus direction taken from the NZ Curriculum principles. It has been infused into our curriculum work and our culture. All teachers know and teach the WIG through deliberate acts of teaching as well as applied to other areas of the curriculum. Most children know what it means to be a skillful thinker especially senior students. Key understandings are developed and put into simple sentences so that our children can have a greater level of engagement with them.

Key Understandings

Skillful thinkers Look Ahead

· We know our actions create reactions

· We know big plans need small steps

· We can imagine the future

· We know patience reaps rewards

What is Future Focus?

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