Our Vision & Values

We aspire to have our students caring and connected, actively involved as confident, resilient, creative learners.

Our elected House and Sports Captains. true leaders and role models of what we expect a "Weston kid" to be.

Skillful thinkers Care

Year 1 to Year 8 - always there to help and assist.

The ANZAC service is an important Weston School tradition. The students come together with the community to pay respect to those who lost their lives serving their country.

Weston School Values:

Success PIKI

achievement; accomplishment; resilience; striving; competition; triumph; attainment


appreciation; thankfulness; returning kindness; acknowledgement; recognition; positive attitude; credit; regard; respect

Innovation AUAHA

inquiry, curiosity; open-mindedness; flexibility; adaptability; innovation; creativity; change; elaboration; transformation; revolution; upheaval

Integrity PONO

honesty ; decency; reliability; commitment; responsibility; truthfulness; trustworthiness; being ethical; doing right; honourable; sincerity