Kinder Wish-list!

What is our wish-list?

Well, I have often had parents ask me what do you need in the classroom. In Kinder, that can be a loaded question. From replenishing our glue sticks and paper supply, to new great literature to read, and hands-on manipulatives, we often need a lot.

So I have created an AMAZON wish-list!

Now I want to be clear, this is 100% optional. You in no way have to buy anything for the class, anything bought would be a free-will donation.

I place this list on Amazon because anything bought will ship right to me and it keeps the list in a centralized location. It may look like, "Wow there is a lot on this list!" There is, but I do that to provide people with options, much like a wedding registry with a range of prices.

As stated above this in optional, any and all donations are very welcome.

Thank you so much for your Kinder-Kindness,

Mrs. Lewig

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