Court of Awards

Celebrating girls accomplishments 2020-2021

West Lakeland's 10th Annual Community-wide Court of Awards Ceremony

What's in a Court of Awards?

The Court of Awards Ceremony is a night of tradition and recognition. It will include a flag and candle ceremony and recognition in the form of every troop leader presenting patches, badges, pins and certificates to every Girl Scout in the troop. This is an opportunity for our girls to feel proud, inspired, honored and to recommit to a new year of Girl Scouts. It is a wonderful opportunity for families to stand behind their Girl Scouts and acknowledge their accomplishments of the past year. There will also be a bridging ceremony for troops moving up to the next level and the Girl Scouts at that level will welcome them with a smile!

Ceremonies are a vital part of the Girl Scouts experience reinforcing:

  • values and traditions

  • accomplishments

  • friendships

  • and gives life to the Girl Scout Promise and Law

    So please join us to celebrate our entire Girl Scout community!

Bronze Award Recipients Congratulations!

"Van Cortlandtville Elementary School PTA Lending Library" Hailey Birenkrant, Clarissa Cortes, Jessica Caragine, Natalie Danyko, Cassidy Harkin, Victoria Lauria, Emily Riggio, Lillian Tomlinson, MacKenna Vogel -Troop 2154

"The Power of Sisterhood" Priya Tomlinson, Kennedi Maine, Mackenzie Latorre, Izabella Mercado, Madison Boothe, Sydney Boothe, and Samyrah Morales -Troop 2280

"Paint Playground at GW' Sofia Cruz, Gabby Kopernski, Emily Poveromo, Gianna Carollo, Madison Macpherson, Laelyn Olmo, Juliana Sapponara, Ashley Douglas -Troop 2329

Silver Award Recipients Congratulations!

"Beautification of Endeavor Therapeutic Horse Farm" Alyssa Stern, Amanda Ciardullo, Kaitlin Macpherson, Amanda Dimauro -Troop 2268

"Outdoor Space for Middle School Lunch" Julia Gannon -Troop 2268

"The Baby Plan - Miracles in the Making" Sophia Hudson - Troop 2831

"Give and Take Dog Box" Emily Yazzetti -Troop 2831

Silver Award Candidates

"Honoring Departed Veterans at Hillside Cemetery -cleaning and clearing tomb stones and ground markers of our departed Veterans and Heros" Kithara Buccarelli, Alexis Kelly, Erin Seo, Sadie Manzares, & Hailey Romano -Troop 2448

"Pet Packs -SPCA of Westchester" Giuliana Rodriguez & Lauren Robledo -Troop 2448

"Veterans Head Stone Cleanup at Hillside Cemetery" Angela Delpozzo, Bailey Rodriguez & Eva Wilkerson -Troop 2426

"Veterans Head Stone Cleanup and designing website for the American Legion Post 274" Madeleine Duteau -Troop 2426

Gold Award Recipients Congratulations!

"Pollinator Power" by Emily Attinger -Troop 2011

"Veteran Cemetery Beautification" by Alyssa Brundage -Troop 2011

"Break into Science!" by Julia Prestigiacomo -Troop 2011

Gold Award Candidates

"Keep Movin', Keep Groovin'" by Kristen Alleva - Troop 1330

"Keeping the Hudson River Clean" by Ella Birenkrant - Troop 1330

"Soothing the Soul with Art" by Kaydi McInerney - Troop 1330

"Dam Safety" by Karalyn Murray - Troop 1330

Congratulations bridging to daisies

Kindergarten Daisy Leaders Troop 1324, Gnesia Feliu & Pam Zicca

  • Ella Connolly

  • Molly Reo

  • Scarlett Marousek

  • Dahlia Muller

Congratulations bridging to Brownies

Brownie Leader Troop 1290, Jessica Middlebrooks & Joann Mittelstadt

  • Ryley Cifu

  • Victoria Stoszek

  • Freya Felton

  • Vivian Valitutto

  • Arielle Aromando

  • Kenna Sciana

  • Sadie Korn

  • Siata Fofana

  • Josephine Mittelstadt

  • Jazlyn Middlebrooks

Brownie Leader Troop 2876, Nancy Arocho-Mercado & Aileen Mendez

  • Angelica Potente

  • Kaylee Frye

  • Zoey Delgardo

  • Alaina Garcia

  • Sophia Sabatini

  • Rylie Maine

  • Regan Maine

  • Gabriella Mercado

Brownie Leader Troop 1288, Christina Iannuzzi & Linda Cabello

  • Emily Byrne

  • Sofia Brescia

  • Ellie Kaplan

  • Arianna Iannuzzi

  • Mila Almonte

  • Mia Carter

  • Natalie Camarra

Congratulations bridging to Juniors

Junior Leader Troop 2278, Lori Macdonald & Mimi Bermudez

  • Margaret Walsh

  • Summer Carter

  • Alexandra Sandiaes

  • Ava Borowitz

  • Mikayla Defreitas

  • Cecilia Sasso

  • Paige Siracusa

  • Eva Bermudez

  • Sarah Macdonald

  • Jenna Macdonald

  • Samantha Schmitt

  • Lyla Lin

Junior Leader Troop 2749, Danielle Barry, Michelle Defonce & Karen Vega

  • Lilah Jurado

  • Ashlynn Martins

  • Alessandra Pali

  • Jaylin Leon

  • Mariah Lynn Santos

  • Genevieve Amiot

  • Harper Tarkington

  • Daniella Sansotta

  • Scarlett Ciallela

  • Olivia Garretto

  • Giuliana Defonce

  • Alyssa Grafer

  • Emily Barry

  • Kaeli Vega

Junior Leader Troop 2860, Jessica Middlebrooks & Nicole Lembo

  • Alicia Ciprian

  • Mia Bento

  • Sadie Sayers

  • Madilynn Aromando

  • Olivia Rodman

  • Alexa Vallario

  • Lilly-Anne Zanders

  • Paige Macpherson

  • Jianna Middlebrooks

  • Olivia Lembo

Congratulations bridging to Cadettes

Cadette Leader Troop 2847, Rebecca Bertolini & Kristina Garcia

  • Ellyana Garcia

  • Ava Orr

  • Anna Mariuotto

Cadette Leader Troop 2388, Kimberly Carozza & Betsy Alberty

  • Zoe Waugh

  • Madeleine Hoyte

  • Quinn Skelly

  • Claire Seo

  • Lillian (Lily) Alberty

  • Kaitlyn Mcaleese

  • Carolina Nogueira

  • Eden Picardi

  • Maryann Carozza

Congratulations bridging to Seniors

Senior Leader Troop 2448, Jalery Arce Kelly & Marianne Rodriguez

  • Leah Pryce

  • Lauren Robledo

  • Kithara Buccarelli

  • Alexis Kelly

  • Erin Seo

  • Hailey Romano

  • Sadie Manzares

  • Giuliana Rodriguez

Senior Leader Troop 2426, Jennifer Hayes & Meredith Rosenberg

  • Alexandra Pryzgoda

  • Alejandra Condo

  • Angela Delpozzo

  • Jaila Foster

  • Bailey Rodriguez

  • Eva Wilkerson

  • Madeleine Duteau

Congratulations bridging to ambassadors

Ambassador Leader Troop 2418, Kelly Sorrentino

  • Annalisa Dama

  • Caryn Mcinerney

  • Izabella Widulski

  • Sara Bufi

  • Elizabeth Ross

  • Abigail Rosenbaum

  • Bryonna Kristoferson

  • Aryonna Kristoferson

  • Emily Sorrentino

Ambassador Leader Troop 1267, Jennifer Sassano

  • Gianna Zaccagnino

  • Elizabeth Sassano

Senior Leader Troop 1281, Lisa Peterson-Grace

  • Laini Riggio

  • Natalie Grace

Congratulations bridging to adults/ Graduating

Troop 2011, Leaders Livia Rodriguez-Brundage & Amy Roth

  • Gold Award Girl Scout Emily Attinger

  • Gold Award Girl Scout Alyssa Brundage

  • Gold Award Girl Scout Julia Prestigiacomo