Reading & Writing

In 2nd grade, we journey to becoming fluent and independent readers. This year, students will focus on reading and analyzing both fiction and non-fiction texts. In writing, students will move through Narrative, Informational, and Opinion writing.


Strengthening your student's conceptual understanding and problem solving abilities is a top priority in math this year! Students will develop their math thinking around:

Place Value, Geometry, Two and Three Digit Addition & Subtraction, Money, Time, Measurement, and One & Two Step Word Problems

Science & Social Studies

Using engaging and student-centered Thematic Units, your student will learn about:

Communities, Families, Economics, Farm to Fork Process, Difference Makers, Earth's Systems & Changes, and Biodiversity

Phonics & Spelling

Phonics skills are emphasized in second grade, as are learning and practicing differentiated spelling patterns that best meet the needs of each individual student.

Combined with explicit grammar instruction, this word work also promotes students' writing skills.