Español con la Señora Grimaldi


I am super excited and ready to teach SPANISH!

This year we have changed our grading. In previous years Spanish was graded on completing assignments and the weight on assessments was very low. This year we are 100% Benchmarks

While classwork/homework/formative quizzes do not have a weight on grading, they will be added on grade book so that you can continue to check if your student is completing assignments. Why does it matter if they aren't worth points? All assignments and quizzes are what will be getting your student ready for assessments. If a student is not doing these assignments, he/she will most likely not do well on assessments.

With this change comes a lot more responsibility on the student's effort in Spanish class. We need to make sure that students are very well prepared for assessments in Spanish.

If you click on your student's grade on the menu on top, you can see their calendars.

Please help me, help your child succeed in our class by keeping note on when when assessments are coming up. I will also be writing posts on each grade on how you can help your student study.

Let's have an AMAZING year!