Understanding Google Classroom

See the status of ALL your student's assignments for an entire class

Click on the "About" tab of any class and then click on "Your work" to see a snapshot of assignment statuses for that class.

You can use the Filters area to narrow your view. The status for each assignment is listed on the right.

Assignment Status/Scoring

Assignments are given and turned in through Google Classroom, yet scores are posted in Infinite Campus. Here's a tutorial for understanding how I score assignements in both Google Classroom.

Assignments in Google Classroom are found in the "stream" tab of each class and have this icon next to the post. Each assignment has one of the four following statuses: Not done, Done, Returned, Late


"Not done" means the assignment has not been turned in BUT the due date has not passed. In other words, it isn't late yet.

Status: DONE

"Done" means the assignment has been turned in, but not scored by me yet.


"Returned" means I have looked over and graded the assignment. The grade is viewable in Infinite Campus. However, in Google Classroom, I only enter a score of "1" or "0."

A "1" indicates there is a grade entered in Infinite Campus.

A "0" indicates the assignment did not meet minimum requirements and must be completed and resubmitted. An "M" for missing will be put in Infinite Campus for any "0" in Google Classroom

If a student receives a "0," there will always be a private comment explaining the score.

Status: LATE

"Late" means the assignment was never submitted by the student and the due date has passed. Assignments are scored with an "M" for missing in Infinite Campus.