8th Grade Overview

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Trimester 1

Language Arts

Reading Literature

RL 8.1 Textual Evidence

RL 8.2 Theme

Reading: Informational Text

RI 8.1 Textual Evidence


W 8.1 Argumentative Writing

Social Studies


8.1 Events preceding the founding of the nation and their significance to the development of American constitutional democracy.

The Constitution

8.2 The political principles underlying the U.S. Constitution and the enumerated (listed) and implied (suggested) powers of the federal government.

Trimester 2

Language Arts

Reading Literature

RL 8.4 Figurative Language

Reading: Informational Text

RI 8.8 Claims and Evidence


W 8.3 Narrative Writing

Social Studies

The Political System

8.3 Foundation of the American political system.

Ideals and Aspirations

8.4 The aspirations and ideals of the people of the new nation.

Foreign Policy

8.5 U.S. foreign policy in the early Republic.

Divergent Paths

8.6 - 8.8 American people of the Northeast, South, and West

Trimester 3

Language Arts

Reading Literature

RL 8.6 Point of View

Reading: Informational Text

RI 8.2 Central Idea

RI 8.6 Author's point of view/purpose


W 8.2 Informative/Explanatory Writing

Social Studies


8.9 The early and steady attempts to abolish slavery.

Civil War

8.10 Multiple causes, key events, and complex consequences of the Civil War.


8.11 The character and lasting consequences of Reconstruction.

Industrial Revolution

8.12 The transformation of the American economy and the changing social and political conditions in the United States.

*This scope and sequence is subject to change

8th Grade Syllabus

8th Grade Humanities Course Syllabus (Aichele).pdf