Students are encouraged to seek-out counseling appointments to discuss any school or personal problems they may be encountering. The school counselor is eager to help in any way. Keep in mind that any information that is discovered of a harmful or destructive nature may be reported to proper authorities, in the best interest of students and for the well being of faculty and staff. However, personal sensitivity is always used and confidentiality is kept – as much as it can be -- in most instances that students discuss … the counselor is here to help students make it through high school. Parents should feel free to contact the counseling office if they need help or information concerning their children’s schoolwork, behavior problems, or post-high school plans.

Confidentiality is a very important aspect between the individual and the school counselor. Please see the attached document from the American School Counselor Association on the position of the school counselor and confidentiality.

ASCA School Counselor & Confidentiality


Outside Services

There are times when students may need outside counseling or therapy services. Here is a list of local community resources.

Please not that this it is not WIC Schools intent to endorsement or recommend any of the resources and we recognize that this is not a comprehensive list.

We encourage students to use any number of resources available.

Referral handout - Dickinson -Iron-Menominee.pdf