Mr. Sweeney's 7th Grade Health

Welcome to 7th grade Health at WGMS!

West Genesee Middle School uses the HealthSmart Middle School Curriculum as its primary source of information. This is a comprehensive health program that is grounded in sound educational and behavioral theory. Due to time constraints and individual community needs not all of the lessons are covered. Some of the lessons have been readjusted to better fit the needs of our seventh grade population. In addition, some additional outside information will be used to further enhance the level of learning.

The 6 main topics (Areas of Functional Knowledge) we will be covering are (Primary areas of risk for adolescents as identified by the CDC):

Emotional and Mental Health

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Tobacco, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

Violence, Injury Prevention and First Aid

Abstinence, Puberty and Personal Health

HIV, STD & Pregnancy Prevention

The curriculum focuses on developmental personal and social skills. The specific skills addressed are:


Relationship Management


Decision Making

Stress Management

Planning and Goal Setting


My Philosophy of Health Education

To provide my students with the knowledge and skills needed to make good choices that will help them lead happy, healthy and productive lives.