Summer Assignments

SUMMER READING LIST - This year all students are required to read at least one novel during the summer break. Students should read the book that has been listed as the required reading for the level of English in which they are enrolled.

Listed below are some of the summer assignments for students in who are enrolled in AP and Honors classes. Some assignments may not be posted. Please check with your teacher regarding any summer work.

AP Art Assignment

AP Biology Assignment

AP Calculus BC Assignment

AP Chemistry Directions Assignment

AP European History

Students enrolled in the AP European History class will need to pick up their summer assignment before or after school from Mrs. McAnaney in room 139.

Reading Guide Assignment

Google Classroom (Contact Mrs. Mcananey to be added to the class)

AP French Assignment

Art Honors Assignment

AP Latin Assignment

AP Music Assignment

AP Physics Assignment

AP Psychology

Ms. Lorenzo's Assignment

Mr. Cruikshank's Assignment

Mr. Haffercamp

AP Spanish Sra. Ganley AP Assignment

AP Statistics Assignment

AP US History Assignment

Engineering Research Project