Westfield High School

Virtual Guest Reader Program

Through this innovative Westfield High School PTSO project, elementary school teachers and parents can "invite" a student to be a guest reader. Each thoughtful recording features a student reading a popular picture book, with close-ups of many of the illustrations included. Check back often as more titles are added.

For instructions on how to record the video, CLICK HERE.

He Came with the Couch

Guest Reader: Colin Willard

He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown

Guest Reader: Graham Barton

Bee and Me

Guest Reader: Chase Willard

Interrupting Chicken

Guest Reader: Andrea Hanchuk

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Guest Reader: Eva Boyes

Can I Play Too?

Guest Reader: Madeline Stack

All Aboard the Dinotrain

Guest Reader: James Gefken

Only One You

Guest Reader: Kelsey Brillantes


Guest Reader: Andrew Jiang

The Magic Hat

Guest Reader: Madeline Serra

Mrs. McTats and her Houseful of Cats

Guest Reader: Dhillon Patel

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Guest Reader: Caroline Donnelly