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English III and Humanities

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Mr. Steven Cohn

English and Humanities

Rooms 143 and 267


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Humanities: Finding and Maintaining an Identity in the Global World introduces students to a rich diversity of world cultures while allowing them the opportunity to explore their own identities as global citizens. The content, scope and sequence utilize an inquiry-based approach to instruction. As teachers and students answer each essential question, applicable events, persons, concepts, literature, philosophies, art, architecture, music and films are studied. As teachers prepare each unit, they select one or more case studies to examine the unit questions in depth. Teachers carefully choose case studies and artifacts to reflect a balanced view of the global community.


English III is the required junior English course. Emphasizing either the chronological sweep of American literature or a thematic development of important issues and ideas, English III offers students the opportunity to express themselves as independent thinkers within the context of their lives. Through juxtaposing student voices in the classroom with the voices of the authors, the course emphasizes the value and power of individuality and honors the diversity of race, class, gender, ethnicity, religion, experience and ideology that characterizes American literature.

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