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Forensic Science Teacher - Westfield High School, Westfield NJ

About the Teacher

This is my 7th year of teaching at Westfield High School. During my time here at Westfield I have taught Environmental Science and Forensic Science. I received my B.S. in Biology from New Jersey City University. I received my M.S. in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution from Montclair State University. I received my MAT specializing in secondary education and ESL from Monmouth University. I am currently pursing my doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership from New Jersey City University. If you would like to see my coursework please visit my graduate portfolio.

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2013 Bayer NSTA New Science Teacher

Forensic Science Course Description

7450 – Forensic Science Prerequisites: An introductory course in biology and chemistry

Grade 10, 11 & 12 Full Year 6.00 Credits Course:

Description: Forensic Science is an introductory college preparatory course designed to investigate how the different disciplines of the sciences are applied to legal issues. It is a multidisciplinary science, drawing primarily from biology and chemistry but also integrates physics, geology, psychology, mathematics, and social science while incorporating current and historic legal investigations. Forensics uses existing case studies and examines how evidence was/is collected and analyzed in high profile court cases after natural and/or terrorist events. Class topics will be further examined during hands on lab activities as students apply forensic investigation techniques such as dusting to find fingerprints, and/or analyzing skeletal remains, hair, fibers, and DNA.

Student Section

Hello Student,

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Below, you will find information for labs that were completed this year and useful links for Forensic Science resources. Please use this website to further support your understanding of Forensic Science and what we discuss and do in class.

Remember, all grades will be posted on Genesis.

I hope you are enjoying the all the activities we are experiencing together this year!

Warm regards,

Mrs. Terra

Parent/Guardian Section

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please check this section for regular updates about news from your daughter/son's Forensic Science classroom.

Also, if you are interested in and/or familiar with any of the topics we will be covering in class and would like to participate and volunteer your time please let me know. I would love to have you join us for class.

Warm regards,

Susan Marie Terra

Forensic Science Lab

Posted below you will find videos or images from labs conducted in this class, of the labs themselves. Sorry you will not see any students participating in the lab itself. These videos are intended to be used as a resource as you complete lab reports, make up labs, or when you want to share what was done in class with your friends and family!

Documenting a Crime Scene

Students are required to make observations, photograph, sketch, identify evidence, and finalize a crime scene sketch based on this mock crime scene.

First lab of the year: Death By...?

Students are required to make observations regarding what evidence they would collect, what they would hope to gain from that evidence, and if that evidence would help identify anybody and if so who.