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Special Services/Mathematics/Westfield High School

Welcome to Ms. Del Rosso's website!

I am looking forward to seeing students develop their knowledge and skills in mathematics this school year.

I am available for extra help. It is best for students to make an appointment to see me so that we can arrange a place and time to meet. There are also two other very good resources for extra help: a math teacher is available in Math Lab (Room 160 -- check the door for the current schedule) for additional help and the PAL Free Tutoring program which is for grades 6-12 every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30 pm in the Student Center. Listen to Homeroom announcements for start date. National Honor Society students tutor and food and drink is provided.

If students would like to work or study quietly during a free period while eating a snack or lunch, the Quiet Lunch Study is open during most periods in the Multi-Purpose Room. Students can eat and work individually in a quiet environment with a teacher who monitors the group (but is not available for help at that time). This space is to encourage students to take time to eat even if they want to work during the school day.

Parents, please encourage your child to utilize the resources in school, on this site, and on the Google Classroom course site. Contact me at the email below if you have any questions or if you have information to share.

About the Teacher

Paulette Del Rosso


I have been a teacher in the Westfield Public School system for 18 years. I have been an educator for over 35 years in a variety of school settings and age groups from pre-school through elementary and high school. My undergraduate degree in education is from New York University, Masters of Education from Bank Street College, and Masters of Educational Psychology from Rutgers University. I am completing a PhD in Educational Psychology from Rutgers University this school year with the defense of my dissertation focusing on the influences of adolescent self-beliefs on expectations about future success.

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My Class Schedule

Period 2: Geometry Room 130 Period 3: Pre-calculus Room 154

Period 4: Geometry Room 153 Period 5: Geometry Room 153

Period 6: Lunch Period 7: Geometry Room 130

Period 8: Geometry Room 130 Period 9: Geometry Advanced Room 161