I am extremely excited to be here for another great year! A little about my teaching experience: I earned my Master of Arts of Teaching with dual certification in English and Special Education from Montclair State University. My previous experience includes teaching American Literature at Bergenfield High School, British Literature at Clifton High School, and running Praxis review courses at Montclair State. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @EnglishLitLady.

About Me:

I'm a reader. I read books, articles, blogs, opinion pages, comics, tweets, videos... if you can read it, I probably will give it a look. I read in physical books and e-books, in my bedroom, in waiting rooms, on comfortable chairs in quiet places, during my lunch break , and in my car when I'm waiting to meet people. I write, intermittently, mostly in the form of Goodreads reviews of the things I read. I write also write status updates, emails, and feedback on student work.

I'm always looking for interesting and well-written things to read, be they blog posts, newspaper articles, short stories, poems, full novels, or entertaining tweets and Tumblr posts.