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Diane Mahatha

Into the Light of Reading

                              It was such a foreign thing for me to take heed,
                  Picking up a book to sit down and read.
            I was under the television’s cogent spell,
            Entranced by cartoons and live action as well.
            Indeed, I judged a book by its humdrum cover,
            I thought that there was very little to unearth or discover.

            Then one day a teacher opened the gate,
            Into uncharted waters I’d not seen as of late.
            I refused her request of flipping the first page,
            as I had never left my technological cage.
            She promised that I’d never have to read again,
            But insisted this attempt would not go in vain.

            So I flipped the first page and eyed the first word,
            And then a newfound passion had suddenly stirred.
            I’d read into the day and into the night,
            Reading had lured me into a whole other light.
            I never stopped reading, and I hope I never will,
            It was different from television, yet it had so much thrill.

Copyright © Nicholas Kiburz | Year Posted 2016