Mrs. Arwa Lokhandwala

Chemistry Teacher - Westfield High School - Westfield, NJ

Chemistry Concepts is an introductory college preparatory laboratory course that presents the major chemical concepts, but is not as dependent on mathematical calculations as Chemistry I or Chemistry I Honors. Students become familiar with the vocabulary of chemistry and understand the basic concepts of atomic and molecular structure, physical properties related to chemical structure and the fundamentals of chemical reactions. Laboratory experiments are used throughout the course to demonstrate the experimental foundations of the subject matter, to reinforce content, and to teach laboratory techniques and safety. Chemistry Concepts provides a practical understanding of chemistry and of the applications of chemistry in everyday experiences.

Chemistry I Honors is a challenging introductory college preparatory inorganic chemistry course taught at a fast pace. The course explores atomic and molecular structure as the basis for understanding various physical and chemical properties of matter. Chemical demonstrations and laboratory work help to deepen a student’s understanding of chemical principles and to expose students to common experimental techniques. This course encourages students to use inductive reasoning to formulate scientific principles based on experimental evidence. Compared to Chemistry I, similar course content is presented at a faster pace with more complexity and depth. In addition, more extensive, multi-step calculations are required. Stronger math, visualization and spatial reasoning skills, similar to those in Geometry Advanced or Geometry Honors, are crucial in Chemistry Honors. This course is best suited for students who were highly successful in Geometry Honors, Geometry Advanced and will concurrently take Algebra II-Honors or Algebra II-Advanced can be successful in the course.

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