Tutoring for all high school and college students in Westchester County

914-236-4268 sid@westchestermath.com

Do you tutor in-person or online?

Both. In-person tutoring is more effective and enables me to cover more ground in each session but I tutor students from around the country online via phone or video conference with very good results.

What subjects do you tutor?

I tutor all high school and college math and physics courses except statistics, and the math and physics components of all standardized tests. I also tutor some computer science and engineering courses. I do not tutor computer programming courses and I only tutor engineering courses with a strong math or physics component. If I do not tutor a subject you need help with I can often refer you a tutor who does.

What do you charge?

My hourly rate depends on whether the tutoring is online or in-person, my cost of travel, the subject, whether you are a regular student and the length of the session. I try to ensure that your cost is commensurate with the value you receive.

How do you accept payment?

You can pay with cash, check or PayPal at the end of each tutoring session and you may prepay for any number of future sessions.

Do you tutor groups or classes?


Are you available for last minute help?

My regularly scheduled students can call me any time and I will spend up to a half hour helping them by phone or video conference at no charge. I am also usually available to those students for in-person sessions with a couple of days notice.

What is your cancellation policy?

I hope you will understand that the only cancellations I accept within 24 hours of an appointment are due to emergencies. If you have to cancel for any other reason within 24 hours of the appointment I ask to be paid for the time.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Since students rely on my help I try to honor every commitment I make. When inclement weather makes travel unsafe I arrange to work with the student by phone or video conference, at a reduced charge.

What is your teaching experience?

I have taught undergraduate mathematics, computer science and engineering courses at a number of colleges and universities including The University of Michigan, Pace University, Polytechnic University, Purchase College and Fordham University. You can find details in my CV.

Do you do homework and take remote exams for students who are unwilling or unable to do the work themselves?


Will you provide references?

If you need references I will ask current parents to speak to you. Almost every time someone calls to ask for a reference, a 20 minute call with me assures him or her that I am the right person for the job but I understand some people need further reassurance.

How can I get more information?

Call Sid at 914-236-4268 or send email. I enjoy speaking to prospective parents and students and am willing to advise them even if they do not need my tutoring help; I have quite a lot of teaching and tutoring experience and love to help.