Meet the Teachers!

We are very excited to be working with your children this year! Here is some information about us...

...My name is Miss McMahon and I am your child's teacher this year. I have a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Education (grades 1-6) from Canisius College. I have a Masters degree in Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Gifted Education, also from Canisius College. I love my job and I am passionate about teaching and encouraging lifelong learning in my students. Before coming to West Buffalo Charter School, I subbed in various school districts in Western New York. When I was hired as a co-teaching assistant back in 2014, I realized quickly that I had found an absolutely amazing school, as well as an extraordinary group of teachers and support staff here at WBCS. I look forward to this new school year and am excited to watch your child grow and learn with each passing day!

My name is Mrs. Velazquez. I am thrilled to be your child's teacher this school year. This is my second year teaching at West Buffalo Charter School and I'm super excited to get to know all of these amazing students. I love teaching and I am excited to inspire your child to grow, learn and be successful this school year. Before coming to West Buffalo Charter School I was substitute teacher aide at Buffalo Public School and a teacher aide at Edukids working with all ages of children. I love my job because coming in and seeing all these wonderful children so eager to succeed makes me happy to teach them. My goal this year is to help your child do the best they can do. Another goal for your child is to be an independent and responsible learner. I am looking forward to this school year and I'm excited to be a part of you children's lives and watch them become successful this year.

Hi! I am Mrs. Gabryel and I am an aide. I enjoy working with your wonderful children very much! I know, as parents, that you want them to do their best and I will do my best to encourage them when things are difficult. I believe that being resilient is something that will serve children as they go through life. I believe that letting children fail and learn that they can keep trying builds resilience. I look forward to watching your children learn and grow! Thank you for all you do to make working with your children so enjoyable!

Hi!! I am Miss. Holland and I am the Special Education Resident Teacher. I have a Bachelors degree in Childhood/Childhood Inclusive Education (grades 1-6 and Special Education) from Fredonia State College. I also have my Masters in Differentiated Instruction (DI) from St. Bonaventure. Previously, I was a substitute teacher for multiple school districts. I also work for Erie 1 BOCES during the summer working with students with disabilities. I am looking forward to helping your child grow and succeed this year. It is going to be an amazing school year!!