Music Learning Theory

At WBCS, the students here learn using the principles of Music Learning Theory.

"Music Learning Theory is an explanation of how we learn when we learn music. Based on an extensive body of research and practical field testing by Edwin E. Gordon and others, Music Learning Theory focuses on the teaching of audiation, Gordon’s term for hearing music in the mind with understanding." Source:

The key word in this quote is: 'with understanding.' My core belief in music education is that it should be taught so students understand music first, and use that understanding to make music from within. My goal in teaching is to educate students to understand music when they are listening or reading it, to create their own music, and to engage with music on a deeper level or understanding.

We study music with a comprehensive and sequential method which helps all students read, write, perform, and improvise music in all different tonalities and meters.

Below you will find several links to resources to look at music learning theory more in detail:

About MLT

A colleague who has influenced my understanding of this philosophy in countless ways

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