IB History at Wesley 2018


This site contains information for Wesley College IB History students and their parents. Please note that some links are only accessible to students.

Click on the links above for the Syllabus Overview, information on Assessment and essay writing etc.

Homework and resources are disseminated via Google Classroom (Need permission, parents can receive a weekly summary)

The Google Drive has all the files you need. Please note that you need to sign on with your Wesley College username (not email) to access these files.

A cache of useful books (need permission)

Guides to the IA and EE

These guides contain all information you need to do well on the IA and the EE. Follow the instructions in these guides carefully.

History Podcasts are a great way to efficiently supplement your knowledge. They are best listened to while doing something else: On public transport, walking the dog, lying in bed, on a long drive etc. Some more podcast suggestions here: http://activehistory.ca/podcasts/

Quizlet is an excellent learning tool.

You can create your own sets or use mine.

Website created by students, with information on all aspects of Russian Society, and an emphasis on effects of war; economic, social and demographic impact (including minorities); changes in the role and status of women.