Counseling Department


Waiakea Elementary School students will develop the skills, mindsets, and values needed to enter their adult lives prepared to maintain healthy relationships, develop and achieve their educational and career goals. They will become adaptable, resilient and productive contributors in our constantly evolving society.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program that advocates for and supports the social, emotional, academic and college/career needs of all students. We will maximize the potential of all students through collaboration with school counselors, staff, families and community.

Aloha WES Ohana,

Welcome! We hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. This site was created to provide you with resources that you may need during this time. We are here to support you as you go through this scary, confusing, and overwhelming time and will continue to update the resources as things change.

If you need help with something that’s not covered here, please email any one of us so we can assist in finding the resources that you need.

Please continue to follow the CDC recommended guidelines to staying safe during this Covid-19 crisis.

WES Counselors

Lisa Yanagisawa (2-3) Joy Ito-Carver (3-5)


Student Attendance

Daily attendance is extremely important for student success. By attending class daily, you will be able to keep up with your lessons, receive direct instruction, ask for extra help when you have questions, and interact with your teachers and other students.

We know that every student can be a successful student. The important part is to take that first step and show up every day. Whether that means you are coming to school before the school day starts or logging in online on time, your education is important to us and we look forward to seeing you every day.


Keiki Heroes

The Keiki Heroes website,, encourages all keiki to adopt healthy habits, recognize the signs and symptoms of illness, and to inform an adult when they are feeling ill. Keiki can be heroes by protecting the people who care for them.

Hawaii Keiki: Healthy and Ready to Learn Program

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new health hotline and telehealth service has been provided to deliver equitable access to health resources and care through mobile devices and interactive technology.

Hawaii DOE students and families may call the health hotline to speak with Hawaii Keiki nurses and receive health guidance. A telehealth visit may be scheduled when appropriate.

The health hotline and telehealth visits do not replace a student's primary care provider. If your child needs to be seen by a medical professional, please contact your Primary Care Provider (doctor).

If this is a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Meet Your Counselors

PXS Introduction

Prudy Sonomura

Grade K-1

Meet Your School Counselor Mrs. Yanagisawa

Lisa Yanagisawa

Grade 2-3

Meet Your School Counselor

Joy Ito-Carver

Grade 4-5

The ‘Ohana Help Desk is a statewide initiative by the Hawai‘i State Department of Education (HIDOE) to provide technology support to public school students and their parents as they transition to more opportunities for online and blended learning.

Multilingual Tech Support

Here you will find videos or documents in multiple languages that can help you with Google Classroom, Google Meet, emailing, and more. Supported languages include English, Chuukese, Ilokano, Marshallese, Samoan, Tagalog, and Tongan.

Hawaii Care Choices (formerly Hospice of Hilo) is offering a virtual bereavement group.

Who: Keiki in Kindergarten through 5th gradeWhen: Wednesday, Sept. 16 to October 21Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Contact to Register at