Mrs. Haney

School Instructional Coach

Moon Mountain Elementary

Contact Information

Mrs. Haney

Mrs. Haney is the school instructional coach at Moon Mountain Elementary. Mrs. Haney has taught in the Washington Elementary School District for 16 years. She has taught at Ocotillo, Ironwood and Moon Mountain. Before becoming an instructional coach, Mrs. Haney taught kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade. She also was a Kindergarten - 6th grade Academic Intervention Specialist for 5 years. Mrs. Haney has a Bachelor's Degree from ASU and a Master's Degree from NAU. She holds a K-12 Reading Specialist endorsement as well as a Structured English Immersion endorsement. Mrs. Haney is a 2018 Lamp of Learning recipient.

What is an instructional coach?

An instructional coach has many responsibilities on a campus but their main focus is to provide on the job, professional development to teachers. Instructional coaches model lessons, provide teachers with observation feedback and assist teachers with planning. They work collaboratively with teachers to increase student learning. The instructional coach serves as the school's assessment coordinator and oversees state and district assessments. The instructional coach leads teachers in data analysis practices and monitors student data to ensure student progress is made. The school instructional coach is a member of the school leadership team and supports the school principal by assisting the principal with implementing the vision that they set for the school. To sum it up, the school instructional coach is an instructional leader on campus that supports students, teachers and principals.