How to Buy

  1. Call us or have your accredited seller contact us to schedule site visit.
  2. Visit Welmanville Binan Subdivision on scheduled date.
  3. Fill-up Pre-qualifying questionnaire (PQQ) and Market Survey Form
  4. Choose from list of available units for sale. Check unit selling price and computation.
  5. Choose preferred payment terms, if cash, Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) loan, or bank financing.
  6. If payment is through HDMF or bank, compute gross monthly income (GMI) and assess if required income to avail a loan is met.
  7. Pay Reservation Fee (P10,000.00) and sign accomplished print-out of Digitized Reservation Agreement. You can request this document from Welmanville Dev’t Corp. (WDC) employee. * Reservation Fee is non-refundable.
  8. Fill-out other forms including but not limited to Home Loan Application, MSVS, CI form, etc.
  9. Sign the acknowledgment form which states that you are aware that: 1) submission of PDCs for monthly equity and HDMF (if applicable) is required, 2) Fire and MRI Insurance is not included in miscellaneous, 3) reservation money is non-refundable.
  10. Complete other documentary requirements and issue post-dated checks for monthly equities and HDMF (12 PDCs, if applicable) within 30 days from date of reservation. * Monthly Equity will begin 30 days after Reservation Date. For HDMF Loan, WDC will submit home loan application and complete documents to HDMF for credit investigation.
  11. After 30 days, while waiting for documents to be processed, continue to submit updated documents if requested by the company and/or HDMF/Bank until a Credit Investigation Report is generated and verified that you are qualified to receive a loan.
  12. When contacted by the company, visit Welmanville Dev’t Corp. to sign or submit other necessary documents. * Upon HDMF/Bank Credit Approval, we will receive your NOTICE OF APPROVAL OF HOME LOAN APPLICATION. WDC will inform you of this. For Non-RFO Units, Monthly Amortization of Housing Loan begins after full payment of Equity.
  13. Move-in after loan take-out, full payment of equity and miscellaneous fees are received by the company. For RFO Units, only loan take-out is required for move-in.