Aircon Repair

An aircon is the first choice during hot and humid summer season. Once upon a time, an air conditioner was regarded one of the luxurious home appliances and the well-heeled buyers could only afford to buy it. But mercury of heat is rising with every passing year and so the demand for air cons has also climbed up. Excessive demand has caused the price tag of an air conditioning unit slide down by a considerable margin. Regular maintenance is a must but nobody wants to spend bulks for Freon leak repair every year. This article offers inexpensive solutions for those who frequently encounter such problem.

Freon is a refrigerant used in almost all the air con models nowadays. Freon can escape through very tiny pores too. Larger leaks can easily be detected from oil stain, a hole or crack in coil. In some cases, you may hear the hissing sound of escaping Freon gas and then can be assured of some leaks in your air conditioning. The smaller leaks are hard to locate but the ‘hissing’ sound may be a clue for you to find out the leakage in your system.

In case the leaks are larger, it is better to call in an expert air conditioning technician. It is because as an ordinary person, you may not have expertise and tools to repair the leaks. In most of the cases, the technicians solder cracks or holes. Sometimes, evaporator or condenser coil is replaced to solve the problem. In case, your system has nil amount of Freon gas due to a large leak, then the technician may have to make the air conditioner moisture free. Your air conditioner sucks impurities and moisture from the air while running. In general, the air conditioning technicians use the vacuum pump to remove moisture from your air con model. It is necessary to make your system clear of all sorts of contaminants; otherwise, the system will not render proper functioning.

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