Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Singapore is all year hot weather and high humidity conditions put a lot of pressure on the performance of your aircon unit. An improperly maintained aircon will result in poor cooling or heating efficiency and increased moisture levels. This in turn affects the quality of your home's indoor air and places your family at a higher risk for breathing air of substandard quality. Imagine your aircon and air duct functioning as the heart and lungs of your home. It controls air circulation, ventilation, temperature and humidity levels and it cleanses the air. However, an "unhealthy" aircon gives rise to excess humidity, pollutants and impurities which lay the foundation for microbes to thrive and grow in your aircon and ductwork. Prevent the issues that could have a negative on your family's well being by having a professional inspect and clean your air ducts and aircon unit.

WellSpring Cool Air can help you breath better inside your own home or office. We can help if you are tired of suffering from constant upper respiratory illnesses and have not found the source of the problem. We adhere to the most cutting-edge techniques and use only environmentally-safe products. Our certified team of indoor and outdoor air quality specialists will certainly meet and exceed your expectations.

Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Overhaul is a process whereby a thorough cleaning of the indoor fancoil unit(s) using special chemical. The fancoil unit is dismantled completely for cleaning, including the clearing of drainage to prevent choke. The compressor unit is also being inspected and refill of gas back to required levels. It helps to clean up the aircon better where areas not possible to be accessed by general servicing. This process helps to clean up the air conditioner unit up to 99% free from bacterial, germs, micro-organisms.

Scope of Work