Room 4

Welcome to Room 4

Term 2 Overview

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and everyone had a chance to put their feet up! I am really looking forward to enjoying an amazing year at Wellsford School with my wonderful class of Year 7/8’s. Please find below a few beginning of the year bits and bobs for your information.


The first half of Term 1 will include a pre and post test in the Number strand, followed by a Statistics unit. Daily basic facts and maths maintenance will also be scheduled daily into our maths programme, along with individual and small group teaching and conferencing. Maths in Room 4 is completely individualised to meet the needs of each child. If you would like to find out more about the way maths is taught in Room 4 then please just ask!.


Writing will be focusing predominantly on recount skills, however we will also be looking at different languages features that we can use in our writing through cameo analysis, writing using story starters, and discussions.

Spelling will consist of learning weekly words, completing daily activities and challenges, and spelling homework.

Handwriting this term will focus on the five S’s of handwriting—shape, size, slope, style, and spacing, although particular emphasis will be placed on slope writing as opposed to printing.

Reading this term will be based on your child’s reading needs and will focus on gaining reading mileage as well as comprehension. We will be using the A.V.A.I.L.L.L programme for the first half of this term, which focuses on developing students reading fluency and comprehension through the use of subtitles, text excerpts and dialogue. Students will also be reading a range of texts suitable for their needs and based on identified learning needs from their assessments. Please encourage your child to read at home and discuss their reading with you. Every little bit counts!

Room 4 Website

Our class has its own website. This is where students will access work, showcase things they have been doing in class and link their own blogs to our class one. We would love it if you would visit and comment on some of the amazing things we have been up to.

Or you can use this shortened URL: or access it via the school website-


Students will have spelling words weekly which we will practice in class as well as being encouraged to practice at home. As our students move closer to college it is important that each child takes ownership for their own learning and just as is expected at college, we expect students who do not complete work during time allotted at school, use time after school to make sure they are caught up. Students who manage their time well, may only need to do this occasionally or when working on large projects.

Reading and Mathletics are encouraged every night.

I understand that some students are really busy after school with extra-curricula activities and it is for that reason that homework focuses mainly on the core subjects. Occasionally students may be given more homework, but this will not be often. Should you need any additional help or support please let me know!

Physical Education

Team fitness will run daily and will combine cooperative games and activities designed to get the heart pumping! Unfortunately the school pool is out of action at present but fingers crossed its good to swim in soon!


Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own device(iPad, Chromebook or laptop) as soon as possible. We will be using these heavily in class so it is important they come fully charged every day. For students bringing iPads,a list of apps required will be sent out at the start of the year.

Topic- Careers Mini Unit & Digital Citizenship

This term we will be focusing on developing a more student led classroom where students work together collaboratively, and take greater ownership of their own learning. We will be completing a short mini unit about careers, as well as a significant focus on Digital Citizenship, where students will learn about being safe online, their digital footprint, cyberbullying and copyright and plagiarism.

We have been learning about Careers in class and did a Career Quest that told us some careers we might be suited to based on our interests and skills. One of my favourite careers was a Marine Biologist. Click on the picture below to find out more about my career.