Wellesley High School

Summer Assignments

Please see the list below that your teachers have put together for work to be done over the summer.

2018-2019 Summer Assignments

Department Class /Link Teacher Email Due Date

Business AP Economics Mr. Emmett emmettr@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018

CML AP French Ms. Laborde-Caserot labordecasterotc@wellesleyps.org August 19, 2018

English English Summer Reading All Classes finneronj@wellesleyps.org Varies by class

Evolutions Summer Engagement All Classes evolutions@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018

Math Pre-Calculus ACP All PreCalc ACP* August 29, 2018

(only for students coming from Algebra 2 ACP)

Math AP Computer Science A Dr Cohen cohenr@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018

Science AP Biology Ms. Boehm/Mr. Bateman boehmj@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018 batemank@wellesleyps.org

Science AP Chemistry Dr. van Geel vangeelt@wellesleyps.org August 30, 2018

Science AP Physics C Mr Finn finnb@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018

Science AP Environmental Science Mr. Bateman batemank@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018

Social Studies AP Psychology - see Canvas Mr. Getz getzk@wellesleyps.org August 30, 2018

Social Studies AP US History Ms. Katz katzj@wellesleyps.org Sept 1, 2018

Social Studies Honors US History Dr. Cacace/ Ms. Despo cacaces@wellesleyps.org August 29, 2018 despoj@wellesleyps.org

Visual Arts Ceramics Intensive Ms. Larson larsona@wellesleyps.org Sept 1, 2018

Visual Arts Intensive Summer Sketchboard Mr. Reddy reddyb@wellesleyps.org Sept 1, 2018