Your Electronic Textbook

This course uses an electronic textbook.

  • You are responsible for making sure you have access to it by at least one of the two methods below.
  • You must plan ahead if you know you won't have access to the internet by printing the pages you need or downloading the PDF for offline access.
  • Even if you plan to use the online textbook, you should still download and save the PDF version of the textbook, which you will still be able to use in the unlikely event of an internet outage.

You can access your electronic science textbook in two ways:

Your login is required.

Do not log in using your personal Gmail address and "ask for permission."


To download the entire textbook, you must click on the blue Download button, then again on Download Anyway . This is because of the large file size of the full textbook PDF (250 MB). If you would prefer, you may bring in a USB flash drive to science class and your teacher can put the textbook PDF on it.

Use the username and the password you were given during the first week of school. Use this form to view the username and password if you've forgotten them. Log in by carefully following these directions...

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on CPO Physical, Earth, and Space Science.
  3. Click on Student Edition.

As a last resort...

If you've tried both methods of accessing the textbook and were not successful, please fill in this form to let me know. Doing so will help me diagnose the problem.