Welcome to the WMS Library!

Welcome to the WMS Library! My goal for the WMS Library is for it to be the heart and soul of the school. It should be a safe and welcoming environment with equal access to books, technology, and other educational resources for all students.

Contact Me:


970-686-8208 (direct line)

Library Hours: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Students may come in as they need. There are resources available for homework as well as for choice and pleasure reading.

If students want to come to the library for lunch, they must pick up a pass to show to a teacher on lunch duty. They can return the pass when they arrive. In order to keep noise levels down for the students in the Learning Lab, no more than 20 students can come to the library during lunch.

The Collection

The WMS Library is an ever-changing resource available to our students and teachers. Maintaining a collection at the middle school level is challenging, as we service a wide range of maturity levels. Young adult literature has changed, and you may find your student reading books with mature themes and language. Please have frequent conversations about books your students are reading, and contact me if you have questions.

Our Makerspace

Our makerspace has expanded to a large workroom in the library. We encourage students to use it before and after school, and for class projects. The Makerspace provides students opportunities to work collaboratively, think creatively, and design projects and products that change the way they think about the world.

Library Catalogs

Destiny (Weld Re-4 School District)

Clearview (Windsor Severance Library District)


WorldBook Online

WHS Library (Newsbank, Opposing Viewpoints, Student Resources)