Innovate RE-4 Learner's Showcase 2018

SAVE THE DATE for the 2018 Innovate Learner's Showcase

March 1, 2018

Severance Middle School


What is the Learner's Showcase?

Innovate RE4 Learner’s Showcase is a districtwide, K-12 opportunity for Weld RE4 students and their teacher sponsors to showcase innovative learning happening within and outside the walls of our eight schools. Students are encouraged to submit proposals for their projects early in the year, and work to polish their public speaking & presentation skills weeks before the Showcase. The culminating 2.5 hour event features individual presentations, group projects, poster sessions and a Maker Faire, and student-led opening and closing ceremonies. To conclude the evening, scholarships are awarded to top presentations from Windsor High School, thanks to the generous contribution of the Weld RE4 Education Foundation.

Who's invited?

Students, parents, teachers, family, and friends. Business owners, local organizations, governmental leaders and community members are encouraged to witness modern day learning that is preparing students for their future beyond high school.

A link to the digital invitation will be coming soon.


Thursday, March 1, 2018

5:30-5:55 Student Presenter Setup

6:00-8:00 Student Presentations- Sessions and Maker Faire


Severance Middle School

1801 Avery Plaza Street

Severance, CO 80550

What can I expect to see?

From reflections on the first year with 3D printers to debating technological ethics, investigating biology in our backyards to the benefits of traveling abroad, from virtual reality and robotics to hand-made puppets, you can expect to see an engaging array of student presentations in a variety of formats.

Traditional Presentations - Classrooms

-10-minute oral presentations with the support of a slideshow

-Held at the front of a classroom (projector and computer provided)

-Students will present three times in a row with a five-minute transition between each session

Poster Presentations - Science Labs

-30-minute ongoing question/answer/demonstration sessions

-Held in hallways

-Students will use a poster and visuals to discuss their project with passersby, similar to a science fair

Ignite Presentations - Classrooms

-5-minute presentation using only 20 slides

-Held at the front of a classroom (projector and computer provided)

-High-energy sessions with two Ignite presentations per 15-minute block

Maker Faire Demonstrations - Media Center

-30-minute ongoing question/answer/demonstration sessions

-Media Center

-Students will use a hands-on/interactive approach to answer questions and discuss their projects

-The audience is invited to interact with the projects and create their own

Video of Innovate RE-4 Learner's Showcase 2016

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The 2018 schedule and program will be coming soon!

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