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Auditions for Nunsense the Musical

Nunsense is a HILARIOUS, fast paced, high energy show that is literally one joke after another. Those interested in auditioning for Nunsense do NOT need experience acting and do not need to be "amazing" singers. The humor in this show is that of Nuns trying to be actors and put on a show, not actors pretending to be Nuns. Those wanting to play these characters true will be those that are perhaps more "humble" about their abilities than one would expect.

Required for the audition is the following:

  • Sing ONE Memorized Song with a backing track (Karaoke Track)
    • Can be a Hymn, Broadway song, Song from the show, or anything you like.
    • The song may NOT be a cappella. It is vital I see you can follow backing tracks (Karaoke Tracks) as our orchestrations are pre-recorded.
    • You may use a YouTube video as a Karaoke track if you like
  • Do a reading from the script
    • After your song I will give you an excerpt from the script for you to briefly review, and then present as best you can how you think that character would act
  • Small Dance Movement
    • There is some dancing in this show, so I will be asking you to complete a short dance sequence that I will teach you. It will not be anything difficult- think Box Step, Grape Vine, 3-Step Turn... basic
  • Come to have FUN!
    • I am 100% about keeping a positive environment in which we build each other up. No "Divas" please. ;-) This small cast will work VERY close together and we ALL want to have fun and put on a good show.

November 26th

Weiser Little Theater

7:00 PM Song Auditions

7:45 PM Script Readings

8:15 PM Dance Segment

8:40 PM Dismissed

*Please plan to attend the entire session.*




A feisty overweight Sophie Tucker-type who can't resist the spotlight.


The second in command, she is always competing with the Mother Superior.

SISTER ROBERT ANNE: Female, Mid 30’s (Range: G3-D5)

A streetwise taught character from Brooklyn. A constant source of aggravation for the Mother Superior.

SISTER MARY AMNESIA: Female, Late 30’s (Range: Db4-C6)

This nun lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head. She is very sweet.

SISTER MARY LEO: Female, Early/Mid 30’s (Range: G#3-G5)

The novice, who has entered the convent with the firm desire to become the first nun ballerina.

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