One Hope Worship

The One Hope Worship Team leads people to experience hope and respond in worship.

At One Hope Church, we are always looking for passionate, gifted individuals to step into leadership on our Worship Team. Read the information below to learn about how you can join the team.


Anyone interested in joining our Worship Team must complete a Worship Team Application. Included with this application is the requirement for an audition or submission of previously recorded content to use for evaluation.


There are a number of factors we use for evaluating new team members musically including:

  • timing / rhythm
  • tuning / pitch
  • tone
  • confidence / energy
  • ability to improvise when necessary

Proficiency in these areas is expected from each of our team members and is important for leading our church with excellence.


Because we value relationships over raw skill, the first step in our process following evaluation is to get to the know the team and let them get to know you. We invite new and current team members to attend weekly Worship Team Group + Rehearsal to build real relationships with each other. This is not a set amount of time and will vary based on the person's previous connectivity within our church.


Sometimes we determine that, in addition to getting to know the team, someone requires further musical development before being ready to lead our church during a Worship Gathering. This development process will look different for each person and be determined by the Worship Pastor.


We believe leadership matters and therefore certain expectations apply that may not apply to other serving positions. We ask that all Worship Team members regularly review and strive to meet these expectations:

  • Be part of the One Hope Church family.
    • Attend / Participate in Sunday gatherings when not leading.
    • Be known (intentionally build relationships with the people of the church).
    • Make serving a priority.
    • Share hope in Jesus regularly with people around you.
  • Love what you do and try to do it better.
    • Have fun and let it show.
    • Give and receive constructive criticism / coaching to / from the team.
  • Lead off the stage like you were on stage.
    • Understand the weight and importance of your leadership.
    • Demonstrate responsibility and wisdom in your choices.
  • Be a team player.
    • Be willing to lead regularly and when needed.
    • Honor the time of others (arrive on time and keep commitments when scheduled).
    • Come prepared.
    • Seek to serve your teammates and help them grow.


Musicians and vocalists serve on a rotating basis and are asked to commit to serve at least one Sunday per month under normal circumstances. When scheduled, team members are expected to arrive at the Blanchard Park YMCA for Load In and Sound Check that begins at 6:45am on Sundays. The team serves in both Worship Gatherings and is expected to stay until 12:00pm.


We currently hold a weekly rehearsal from 6:30 to 9:30pm every Thursday at our Church Office off of Lake Underhill Road (10 minutes from the YMCA where we meet on Sundays). Everyone scheduled for the upcoming weekend is expected to be there. The Office is equipped with all of the necessary audio equipment and instruments to rehearse effectively.