Leading a Group


  • 30 minutes of personal checkin/prayer time
  • 30 minutes on a chapter of Multiply
  • 30 minutes studying a passage of the Bible.*

*Each chapter of Multiply has a passage you could spend sometime studying as a group.


Prayer is an essential part of our walk with Jesus and with each other.

One avenue towards praying together is not praying for each other, but praying for your needs and struggles out loud and in front of others, while they pray for you silently.


A major goal of discipleship is the multiplication aspect. So give your group members chances to lead the discussion or to lead the entire group. This will be an opportunity to offer feedback and coaching to them along the way. This will help them grow in skill and confidence in leading their own D-groups.

I typically will lead the 1st three weeks (On Discipleship) to model for them and let them know the expectations of a group and in leading a group. Then I will have them start leading in part 2 (The Church) and especially in the Old Testament and New Testament Parts of the book. I will also lead them through the Studying the Bible (Part III) of Multiply.

Look for coaching moments in leading your discussion. There will be moments you can point out how someone else could listen better, or ask certain questions for example.