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Updated 10/17/2018

Book Fair Family Night

Join us on 10/22 from 6:30 to 8:00 as we celebrate our annual Book Fair Family Night!

Costume Drive

New and gently used costumes are being accepted as donations!


Spelling Homework

Due 10/17/2018

A double sided worksheet with a variety of activities will be sent home today. It is posted to the left!

There are activities for 10/17 and 10/18. Your child can choose from 3 different activities. They can complete the activities right on the paper.

See 'Spelling' Section Below for information on word lists.

Spelling Word Lists

We have begun our Spelling Program. Each child was given a hard copy colored list (Shortie Red, Red, Orange, and Yellow). All lists are posted here! The first spelling test will be on Friday 11/2/18.

Your child must bring in headphones in order to take their Spelling test!

Shortie Red






In Our Class

The Writing Process

1 + 2. Immersion and Generating Ideas

3. Selecting an Idea

4. Collecting Information

5. Drafting

6. Revising

7. Editing

8. Publishing

We are choosing ideas for some Free Writing in Writer's Workshop!

We are currently flexing our 'Writing Muscle.' After generating lots of ideas, we are now free writing some stories in order to practiced building our Writing Stamina!

Books We Have Referenced:

  • If You Were A Writer by Joan Lowery Nixon
  • Our Tree Named Steve by Alen Zweibel
  • You Have To Write! by Janet Wong

Schedule for 108

Here is the schedule for your students.

Students begin and end each day in Homeroom. Then students will rotate from class to class.

Any notes or forms should be given to the homeroom teacher. If a parent has a question for a particular class, they should contact the specific teacher for that class.


DRA Book Lists

In order to ensure comprehension and reading growth, it is recommended that your child reads books based on their DRA level. A child should choose a book at their level, one below their level, or one above their level. [Of course, if a child is interested in a book that is above or below their level, that is fine!] This book list was curated from the Weehawken Public Library, and includes recommended books from levels 2 through 70. Please feel free to reference this list, if you should need recommendations for reading!

DRA Book Lists.docx

Educational Links

Looking for at-home student enrichment? Click on the links below to experience educational websites for home, tablet time, or on-the-go.

Story Starters

Let's get ready to have an adventure! This silly story generator offers a variety of story ideas for journals, assignments, or writing practice. Students pick their grade level, customize their type of writing, and then try their luck at a story generator. Students are challenged to write stories out of their wildest dreams!


This website is the perfect blend of education and fun. Depending on the needs of your child, ABCya offers content-related games or safe, secure entertainment for your child. Explore the website, and pick games that tailor to your child's needs!

Typing Club

As a 1-to-1 district, students are responsible for producing content on a Chromebook. Typing Club is a free touch-typing resource. It's akin to a modern Mavis Beacon! Use this website to help student become comfortable with touch typing at home.

About The Teacher

Michcella Tiscornia

Welcome to Writer's Workshop!

Hello! My name is Michcella Tiscornia, and I am the 3rd Grade Language Arts teacher for this year! I am thrilled at this opportunity to teach children the joys of writing.

I received my dual BA from Seton Hall University in Early Elementary Education/Special Education and English in 2012. I, too, am immersed in learning, as I am pursuing an MA in Urban Education from New Jersey City University . It's going to be a year of cooperative growth and learning!

By chance, I started my career at Roosevelt School by substituting. After a few months, I was offered a maternity leave position at TRS. Six years later, I am still here! Our district has seen many changes in my six short years here, and I am beyond excited to take part in a district that is certainly moving forward!

It’s an honor and a privilege to teach your child. I come from a long line of teachers – my mother and father included – so I understand the importance of a solid education. I believe all children have a right to be taught. I believe all children should learn and have fun, too. In the classroom, I love to try new things and challenge myself to make learning a unique experience.

I am always open to your thoughts and concerns, so please do not hesitate to e-mail me at mtiscorn@weehawkenschools.net. The best way to reach me is via email - I will respond as soon as possible! You may also call the school’s office at 201-422-6140 and leave a note with Mrs. Annese.

Extra Help: Available by appointment only!

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