Our First Grade Year

Our first grade classroom will be similar to any other general education classroom. All the children will be instructed in the first grade curriculum with accommodations for those who need it. Mrs. Guzman and Mrs. Ingram will work fluidly between the children according to their needs.

We use the Daily Five model for reading which emphasizes more actual reading practice as opposed to the students doing worksheets. Research shows consistently that the more a child reads in a positive environment, the more progress the child makes.

The same with writing. The more a child practices writing in a positive environment, the more improvement the child makes. For writing, we will be using the Writing Workshop model which will provide the opportunities for children to write every day.

In Math, we use the Envisions program, along with an exciting online site called ST Math with their signature JiJi penguin as their mascot. These programs are aligned with the Common Core Standards. We encourage students to improve and excel their Math skills by using ST Math at home. You will gain insight into the mathematical concepts the students are learning throughout the school year.

In Science we will include experiential lessons merging Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM).

We will learn about the community and the world around us in Social Studies.

On a daily basis, we will constantly be infusing character education helping the students learn resilience, patience, sharing, and kindness, as well as many other qualities.

The priority for Mrs. Guzman and Mrs. Ingram will be to provide the most engaging and supportive environment where the children know they are accepted and valued. We look forward to working with your child this year.