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My name is Mrs. Matos. I obtained my BA certification (K-12) from Rutgers University in 1997. I have been a teacher at Weehawken H.S. since 1999. I teach Spanish 1 Elective 7&8, Sp. II, Sp. III, and Sp. IV AP. My mission is to help students develop their Spanish language and Hispanic cultural proficiency. I obtain great satisfaction from seeing each student's success. In order for me to teach effectively, I foster student learning by serving as a guide, and resource. I enjoy teaching and hope that each student enjoys being part of my class.

Grading Policy

Tests/Projects- 40%

Quizzes- 30%

Homework- 15%

Class Work/Participation- 15%

Absence Policy

If a student misses any quizzes or tests, he/she has a week to make it up. It is the student's responsibility to contact me as soon as they get back to schedule a make up date. A failure grade will be assigned until the Test/Quiz is made up. In case of an extended excused absence, modifications will be made and additional time will be provided. Failure to make up within time allowed, will result in a permanent failing grade.

Extra Help:

Students can come for extra help in room 125 from 3-3:30 PM. Each student must notify me in advance.

All assignments, announcements and resources will be posted on Google Classroom. Students are responsible to check it daily.

Students will be using the online Language Program, Middlebury. It can be accessed by login in to:

Useful Links:

* Spanish-English/ English-Spanish dictionary:

* Interactive Spanish website: (Students have access to News, T.V. and Radio from different Spanish Speaking Countries

* Spanish Online Grammar Quizzes:

Teacher's Schedule

Period 1 - Spanish III

Period 2 - Spanish III

Period 3 - Elective Sp7

Period 4 - Elective Sp8

Period 6 - Elective Sp8

Period 7 - AP Spanish


"The best way to reach me is via email or by calling the school's office at (201)422-6140. *Emails will be answered within 24 hours during school days."