Ms. Jeffers



English II

English III

English 7


The best way to reach the teacher is via email. Emails will be answered within a 24 hour period during school days. I make every effort to respond to emails ASAP.

Office Hours:

Please contact me via email to schedule.

Students in class periods 1-4 will meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 2-2:55.

Students in class periods 5-8 will meet on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2-2:55.

Every Wednesday, I am available for small group instruction from 2-2:55.

Access your google classrooms here:

Per. 1: English II

Class code: b74wlsk

Per. 2: English III

Class code: 5upl7bm

Per. 4: English 7

Class code: xa7cd2p

Per. 5A: English III

Class code: bxkmqxo

Per. 6: English III

Class code: 4o7b6ek

Per. 7 English III

Class code: nwkger5