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  • “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” – Stephen King

Welcome! I have taught grades 5-12 during my career. Being an English major, my strengths are in teaching reading and language arts, although I have taught math, science, and social studies as well. More than half my experience has been teaching 6th grade students. For the past 20 years, I have had the delight of teaching sixth grade students in Weehawken's Theodore Roosevelt School. I am a WHS alumna and am also a member of NCTE-National Council of Teachers of English.

Gail Juzdan

Grade 6 ELA Room 300

Theodore Roosevelt School

The best way to reach me is via email [] or calling the school office 201-422-6140.

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Welcome! Here are some of the things we will be learning in Writers Workshop:

  • Why writers write
  • How to pick topics
  • Why grammar is an important component
  • How to vary sentences
  • The three units (narrative/informative/argumentative) and their similarities and differences
  • Writers often reflect on their experiences in their lives and consider the life lessons they have learned from these. Incorporating these into their stories will bring out emotions and be a vital tool throughout their writing process.
  • Writers use their writing to make connections with their readers by sharing their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Students will learn how their writing can impact their communication skills and connections to others.
  • Students will be inspired to write about their passions and people who are important to them. This way they will uncover writing ideas to pursue.
  • Writers utilize figurative language to "paint" pictures and descriptions.
  • Students will create and publish pieces of writing after editing and revising.


Homework is due the following morning unless it has been given long term (for example, due Thursday...) All unfinished classwork is expected to be done for homework as well. Homework will be listed here and be sure to check your other teachers' webs. Here is Weehawken's homework policy link.

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Grade 6 Teachers

Here is our 6th grade team:

ELA- writing- Mrs. Juzdan ( Rm. 300)

ELA- reading - Miss Turner (Rm. 302)

Math - Mrs. Oldewurtel (Rm. 301)

Social Studies - Ms. Boshell (Rm. 003)

Science - Mrs. Jimmerson (Rm. 303)

Co-Teacher - Mrs. Castillo (Rm. 003)

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TRS has transitioned to a Standards Based Report Card (SBRC), which uses less traditional grading and instead measures progress and growth of conceptual understanding and application over time. There is more information about the new grading and report card system on the TRS website here - This includes questions, answers, and the rubrics being used by each content area and grade level.

Autumn Blog

Students will be keeping Writing Workshop notebooks in ELA this year. These will be a constant in my room. Students will be reading fiction and nonfiction books and articles. Using these as mentor texts, the students will create fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

One of the most intimidating skills we ask of our students, I believe, is to write. For some, looking down at that blank piece of paper with a pen or pencil in your hand and possibly nothing in your head is difficult. Teachers ask them to build something out of nothing. Tears or sweat might join the party, but we will have none of that. We will be building confidence and focusing on lessons that will have them wanting to write and write and write.

Enjoying a mentor text and using graphic organizers, students will be gathering ideas for stories or articles. Collaborating with their peers, the students will observe how others [students and mentors] write. Soon they will be elaborating, adding dialogue, and rich descriptions. Examining how great authors write, the students will start to mimic the fine writing of these authors. Since writing is storytelling, my students will be sharing their ideas aloud in a technique called “think - pair - share.” By using inquiry-based methods, [How did the author show,,,How does your character feel at this point in the story…], each student author will be encouraged to think more deeply about what he or she is writing. This is how to get results. No longer will there be a blank expression, a blank page, and a non-moving pencil. There will be opportunities also to use their Chromebooks in creating journal slides, grammar exercises, published work.

So, yes, there will be multitude of writing possibilities this semester, and, I believe, a multitude of great work. Carpe diem!

My mission for the sixth graders is to have every child succeed. One of the most important ways to do this is to have your child READ at least 20 minutes a night. It doesn't matter if it is a newspaper, graphic novel, magazine, or library book. Reading will inspire writing, and students will experience and begin to recognize the different genres of writing.

School should be a place where students look forward to coming and to feeling safe and comfortable. With cooperation and determination, students can make learning an achievement and still have fun along the way to success. Making connections with students and parents leads to better teaching and learning. Success happens when all the pieces fit together. With help from the teachers, parents, and students, this year will be a great fit! I am looking forward to it.

Gail Rehbein Juzdan