Mrs. DoCampo

Fifth Grade Science


Welcome to Fifth Grade Science. This website will help you find any and all information you are looking for about your child’s day in Grade 5 Science at TRS.

As a graduate of the Weehawken School District, it is an honor for me to have the ability to teach fifth grade here at Theodore Roosevelt School. I have been a lifelong resident of Weehawken and most of my family continues to live here too. I am also the proud parent of three children. This will be my 15th year teaching fifth grade and as each new school year begins, I am always amazed by the students in my classroom.

I graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor's Degree in K-8 Education. I also have a Master's Degree in Science Education and a Math Certificate to Teach Mathematics.

This year we will be implementing the NGSS Science Learning Standards, which incorporates STEAM. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math influence and permeate every aspect of modern life. Understanding science and the extraordinary insights it has produced can be meaningful, relevant, and open new worlds to explore and investigate the world around us and hopefully enrich the lives of your child.

These new science standards were designed to help your child engage in scientific and engineering practices along with the crosscutting concepts that deepen understanding of the core ideas in these fields. The learning experiences I hope to provide for your child should engage them with fundamental questions as we look at how scientists have investigated and found answers to these questions. Students will be given the opportunity to carry out scientific investigations using the engineering design process to produce projects related to the fifth grade disciplinary core ideas.

As your child’s teacher, I realize that I am in a unique position to have a direct impact on the scientific and academic lives of my students. It has been a dream of mine to teach and to help students develop a love for science. It is my hope to inspire and encourage every student to strive for greatness and realize their full potential to become the best they can possibly be.

Please check the announcements page for any upcoming school related events. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the school for a conference at : (201) 422-6140 or email me at: It is my hope to reply within 24 hours. I look forward to meeting you at Back to School night on September 13th.


Mrs. Jacqueline DoCampo