WECDSB Students

WECDSB STUDENTS are required to fill out two forms. All students will fill out the Student Application form, which summarizes the summer school program and serves as their personal record. Students must also complete one of the following forms, to be submitted to their guidance counsellor:

Credit Recovery and Full Credits: Summer School 2018 credit recovery and full credit application form

Cooperative Education: Summer School 2018 coop application form

e-Learning: Contact your guidance counsellor for more information. You must register online. Complete details at http://www.wecdsb.on.ca/elearning.html

All applications must contain a signature from the student's guidance counsellor and parent/guardian.

After the June 1st deadline, late applications will continue to be accepted at the student's school, or directly at the Catholic Education Centre, located at 1325 California Ave., Windsor, ON, to the attention of "Summer School." Applications will not be considered complete without a signature from the student's Guidance Counsellor and Parent/Guardian.

Late applications will be placed on a waiting list. For more information call your guidance counsellor, or (after June 29) call 519.253.2481, extension 1293.