Music Department

Music is essential in the education of the whole child. It brings us in touch with who we are and where we have been; it is a link to what makes us human. The study of music is worthwhile for its own intrinsic value, whereby students gain a respect for the discipline of music, realize the value of hard work and perseverance, experience joy through the creative process, develop an awareness of the aesthetic, and discover the magic of expression through sound and silence. Furthermore, music is valuable for its connection to other areas of study. The most important goal of the Thomas music faculty is to develop independent, literate musicians, who will take musical and vocal skills into their adult lives.

Best Community for Music Education

"Congratulations on being named a Best Community for Music Education again! It is especially fitting that we receive this award during Music in our Schools Month, as it further celebrates the inspiring music events I've heard and seen at every level.

Thank you, everyone, for all you do every day to make Webster a district that respects students' rights to a strong music education."

Michael Roller

Director of Fine Arts

Contact Information

Laura D'Angelo - Music Theory I, AP Music Theory, Show Choir

Jennifer Freeberg - Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra

Brenda Nitsch - Select Choir, Chorale, Concert Choir, Voice Class, Barrel of Monkeys

Erik Piazza - Wind Ensemble

Paul VanHorn - Concert Band, Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble