SparX Colorful History

A Team Picture and slide show for each year since 2004

2020 SparX Team Picture

2019 Season

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SparX 1126 Made it to Quarterfinals in: Alliance #8 with 2228 and 678

Thank you Team 2228, Cougar Tech, along with Team 578, Red Raider Robotics for graciously requesting our assistance to play in the finals at Buckeye 2019.

SparX made it to the Semi-finals in Alliance #2 with Teams 1551 and 5254

Thank you Team 1551, Grapes of Wrath, along with Team 5254, HYPE for graciously requesting our assistance to play in the finals at Finger Lakes 2019.

Thanks to Cougartech Team 2228 for the 'Rising Rover' award.

Thanks to Team 1511 Rolling Thunder for the 'Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin' award

RIT Qualifications RIT Rankings Playoff Matches

Qualification #26 video Quarter Final 3 video

Let’s Solve Water 2019 Preseason

Nine robot teams competed on October 13, 2018 in this year’s Xylem Let’s Solve Water Challenge. Teams had to design and build a laminar flow water cannon capable shooting a ~3’ slug of water into 6 buckets placed a various distances up to 25’.

Four $1000 Awards were given for:

  • Most elegant design/appearance/presentation
  • Fastest to hit all targets
  • Longest distance
  • Fastest to calibrate/hit first target

SparX Team-1126 won the Most Elegant Design Award

Here's the link to the event pics and movies

(note: after calibration we hit the target bucket on the first shot-- physics does work!)

SparX 1126 Brings Scrooge McDuck to CAD 4/6/2019

2018 Season

2017 The year of Kaiser Fuelhelm

This is the Real Sparx Team of 2017!

Sparx 2017 Team

Video of a SparX 1126 Blue Alliance Win at The 2017 Buckeye Regional

Team #1126 was 12-11-0 in official play in 2017

SparX won The Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation for our Vision Control System that provided a closed loop control for our fuel shooter


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