Leon's Day


Leon’s Day

Every year we conduct a “Leon’s Day” to honor one of our late mentors who was beacon guiding students in gracious professionalism. On June 2nd, 2008, SparX lost one of its most inspirational mentors. He was 77 years young, and he sure acted that way. Leon Cormier was always cheering people up and helping people out when they needed it most. As a mentor in FIRST he taught everyone he met more than just how to use tools.

Just being around Leon you could see how much he loved life and lived every day with vitality and a focus on helping others. Whenever Leon worked he would keep working till his task was finished, even if it meant being late to dinner. But our friend Leon was not always serious, he could crack a joke and get everyone around him to laugh and smile.

Leon taught our team so many lessons and instilled in us so many values. Mr. Cormier was Gracious Professionalism, and he lived it every day of his life – a true role model.

By working Leon’s Day as a full team event we spread word of the FIRST programs in a visible way and to help alleviate some of the strenuous labor that senior citizens in this community face.